Demolition Derby

Sunday, April 30th Noon

Prices starting at:
$8 Adults
$4 Children (ages 2-10)

Prices increase $2 on 4/29

2023 Demolition Derby 

Limited Weld Feature winners:  1st Place- Team FAFO- Dale Baldwin, Austin Baldwin and DJ Baldwin

                                                        2nd Place- Team Hardcore- Jeremy Tillotson, John Parks and Dale Randall

                                                        3rd Place- Team Misfits- Sean Kshir, Nathan Kriner and Zack Kriner

                                                        Mad Dog- Jeremy Tillotson

Chain and Band Minivans : 1st Place- Guy Raymond

                                                 2nd Place- Lee Seager

                                                3rd Place- Brandon Walburn

                                                Mad Dog- Junky

Gut n go Compacts: 1st Place- Ron Wheeler

                                     2nd Place- Cal Purvis

                                     3rd Place- Devon Parker

                                     Mad Dog- Josh Eggleston

Farm Trucks: 1st Place- James Rice

                         2nd Place- Colin McWhinnie

                         3rd Place- Jeff Hand

                         Mad Dog- Zack Bruce


Sponsored by
Sylvania Lions Club

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