The 5 Man Trio


5 Man Trio has been playing since 2002. Former members of the band Mother Funk, Scott and Rich have been playing music together since 1992.

Having just 3 members, the band has an amazingly full sound.

Brittany joined the band in 2013.Brittany adds a nice texture to the songs and provides strong lead vocals.

Scott fills in a lot of musical material with his guitar and effects.

Rich holds down the rhythm section with his Drumitar and Bass Pedals.


Brittany Chambers – Lead singer, backing vocals.

Brittany covers popular songs amazingly well using her own style. She is mother of two and is the daughter of Rich.

Scott Williams – Guitars.

Early on, Scott played the drums in several bands.  In his later years, he decided to  learn the guitar.  And learn he did.  Scott has a wide interest in many musical styles.   His guitar playing emulates those styles incredibly well,  which allows 5 Man Trio to cover many different  songs.   “Is there anything he can’t play?”.

Rich Irace – Rhythm section, backing vocals, lead vocals.

Musical interests are with piano, keyboards and drums. After seeing Bela Fleck and the Flecktones in concert, he was inspired to build a “Drumitar”.  

The Drumitar allows Rich to play drums with his hands and bass pedals with his feet. 


Contact us thru our Facebook page or call/email Brittany for bookings.


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